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Common sense of motorcycle parts maintenance

    In the use of motorcycles, there are some maintenance that users can do. This can not only reduce the complexity of the repair shop, but also save time, and increase your detailed understanding of the motorcycle.

    Maintenance of spark plug

    Spark plug is the core part of motorcycle engine. The normal combustion of mixed gas is the core of engine normal operation.

    First of all, each type of spark plug used by the engine has different product models, mainly calorific value, thread size and other differences, so we must use the spark plug of the specified product model.

    The engine burns normally. Turn on the spark plug to check. The electrode should be ochre red under normal conditions. If it turns black, it has carbon deposit, which indicates that the mixture is too rich and the combustion is not sufficient. Carbon deposit should be cleaned up. Clean the concave groove of the central electrode and the carbon deposit of the L electrode with a sharp cone; Adjust spark plug clearance: GS125 (0.6-0.9mm), qs150t (0.7-0.8mm), carbon deposit on spark plug will affect good spark, and may cause fire break; If it is found that the spark plug is easy to be wet or burnt grey, it indicates that the calorific value of the spark plug is not matched, then the appropriate spark plug should be replaced at the designated repair shop.

    Air filter is the respiratory system of motorcycle.

    If the air filter is blocked by dust, the resistance of the air inlet will increase, the power output of the engine will decrease, the fuel consumption will increase, the engine can not be started, and the engine is easy to shut down. The serious problem is that the dust enters into the cylinder block, which will aggravate the wear of engine parts.