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Importance and classification standard of motorcycle parts

The quality characteristics of motorcycle parts are determined by the specifications, models, characteristics and structures of the goods, and affect the applicability of the goods. It is the technical specifications and information content designed to be transmitted to the process, production, manufacturing and testing. It includes dimensions, limits and tolerances, functions, service life, interchangeability, pollution, life safety and the implementation of relevant government regulations and standards.

The importance classification of parts and accessories is based on the level of item importance of parts, and is divided into key parts, important parts and general parts. The level symbols are expressed in a, B and C in turn.

Key part a: if one or more items in the spare parts reach a level, the parts are key parts. Class B and C items are allowed in class a parts.

Important parts level B: one or more items in the spare parts have the importance of level B, but the parts of class a items cannot be important parts. Class C items are allowed in class B parts.

General parts grade C: there are no class A and B items in the spare parts, and have little impact on the use performance and service life of the goods, and will not cause complaints from the user or individual. Class A and B items are not allowed in class C parts.